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Supercharge your workers right in your app

Playbook is a turnkey worker training solution for gig-economy businesses

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How Does It Work?

Playbook is much more than a SDK. It is a lightweight, complete and turn-key solution packed with features. No complex configurations. Just add it to your app and start training your workers now.


Easily add Playbook SDK to your iOS and Android apps


Create guides with Playbook Mobile and develop & organize your curriculum on getplaybook.io


Start training your workers right in your app

Magic of Stories

Train your workers using a familiar and effective format: Stories.

Playbook’s mini-guides in stories will transform your app into a powerful training tool with many benefits for you and your workers...

They are engaging - up to 80% more

They are easy to produce, edit, update without big production budgets

They contain a variety of formats images, videos, text, quizzes etc.

You can adapt your existing content in any format to be showcased in stories

80% more engaging

Easy to produce and update

Images, videos, texts, quizzes

Use your existing content

A Powerful Toolkit At Your Service

Your services and workforce are ever-changing. Playbook’s rich feature set provides end-to-end solutions to all your training needs

Create and edit guides in minutes

Using the standalone Playbook Mobile app, you can create, update and edit your guides effortlessly. As easy as posting on social media.

A simple and powerful LMS

Fast, intuitive and flexible tool to create and organize your curriculum with many useful features.

Multi-language Support

Playbook is fully equipped to serve your diverse workforce. We provide automatic, AI driven translations of your content. Yes, your videos get translated too…

Bridge offline and online easily with QR

Stickers: Print out QR stickers for your instructions and put them on equipment or stations for your workers to quickly access the relevant content

Onboarding Booklet: With Playbook’s online editor, you can produce handouts & booklets for your workers as part of an onbaording package.

Other Features

Keep everybody up-to-date

Easily generate new updates and distribute to all your workers instantly


Colors and fonts can be customized based on the look of your brand

Developer Friendly

Well documented, lightweight, zero-config SDK with great support

100% Privacy

Playbook doesn’t know who your workers are. Progress is tracked anonymously